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When buying pre-owned aesthetic or medical equipment, the most important thing is to investigate from whom you are buying your system. Lasers are expensive pieces of equipment, and as such this industry attracts some sellers that are less than ethical in their business dealings. There are three main categories of sellers in the laser industry…

Private Party
Some laser owners will turn to websites like eBay to buy and sell equipment and it can seem like a great place to find lasers for sale. However, most sellers have no idea how to safely ship the device! It is very important that the seller be aware of whether or not the laser needs to be drained. They must also make sure that the laser and any hand-pieces, scanners, accessories, arms and/or masts are properly protected. Over the years we have had systems shipped to us with no protection other than a cardboard box and some packing peanuts!

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Laser Equipment Brokers
While there are some good, honest brokers, there are many more that are not. Most brokers do not inventory equipment of any kind. They are usually contacted by a doctor or medi-spa that has some equipment they would like to sell, and the broker “promises” to find them a buyer for a designated commission. Or, once a potential buyer contacts them they will begin trying to procure a device to sell. Take a look at the equipment photos they provide… does it look like the device is in a doctor’s office? If it does, this usually means that the broker has never seen, touched, or serviced the laser. Because of this, a broker will rarely honor any “warranty” because they have no first-hand knowledge of the system.

Laser Equipment Dealers
There are only a few reputable equipment dealers in the United States, because a dealer will own the lasers for sale at their warehouse. Their equipment will usually be photographed on a background that includes their logo to ensure their customers know they have the system. A dealer will also be able to provide you with the opportunity to view the device at their location or do a live FaceTime or Skype inspection call so that you can be sure that the device you are seeing is the one you will receive.

Ask questions! No matter whom you buy from, make sure to verify:

The laser fires & within factory spec
The pulses logged on the system, hand pieces, etc.
The treatment parameters can be adjusted on the system
The serial number and/or date of manufacture
Any cosmetic issues with the laser
Details regarding any service that was performed
Whether the seller owns the laser, or is still making finance payments

If a seller is unwilling or unable to provide you with service reports, serial numbers, etc. you should look elsewhere. This means that he most likely does not have the laser in their possession at all, and is instead trying to procure one with an unknown history to sell to you.

It is important to do your homework when investigating anyone selling a laser.

Here are a few ways to determine a good laser resaler
Ask the seller to show you the laser operating during a Skype or FaceTime call. Anyone can provide a video, but there is no way of determining when the video was shot. If the seller can show you the laser in real-time, however, you not only know that they have system but also that it works.

Google the company name or owner’s name. If they have had multiple complaints filed against them, you can usually find them fairly easily online.
Check their seller feedback on sites like eBay and DotMed. This is a great way to determine with who you are dealing by relying on the experiences of other buyers. A reputable dealer will be very protective of his/her reputation, and it will show in their customer’s positive feedback!
Ask the seller for recent references. A great seller should be able to provide you with some recent customers to speak to make sure they were happy with the transaction and whether they would do business with the seller again.
Choose a seller that is able to service your laser after the sale. A reputable seller will only offer systems he is knowledgeable about, and that he can service in the future.
If you’ve determined that the seller has a strong online presence and good references, ask about their warranty. Not every transaction can be flawless, but if there is an unforeseen problem during the warranty period it is reassuring to know the seller will work to make the buyer happy.

Please feel free to contact us!
Here at The Laser Agent, we only sell equipment that we have bought from doctors or medi-spas. We choose not only the most popular brands on the market, but also ones that we know we can provide service and support for both before and after the sale. Each device has been inspected by our in-house technicians, repaired or refurbished as needed and advertised for sale. Because the inventory is located in our warehouse, you can be assured that the system that is advertised is the system you will be receiving. We are able to provide photos, video, live FaceTime/ Skype inspection calls and answer any questions you many have regarding the device. We have perfect feedback on sites like eBay & dotMed because we take our reputation very seriously! Some of our top braands include Candela, Cynosure, Lumenis, Luxar, Hydraafacial, and more!

You can see our collection of medical lasers for sale here!

See our reviews about The Laser Agent on DotMed.

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Donna MackieDonna Mackie ★★★★★ I recently sold my devices to The Laser Agent. This team was fantastic! I was highly impressed with the communication throughout the entire team. Their process was very simple and to the point! I would definitely do business with them again. Thanks again to Deon, Liz and ConstantineMike NasserMike Nasser ★★★★★ They bought one of our machine. Very Horst and professional. They do what they sayyosra Nasseryosra Nasser ★★★★★ Nicole PetetNicole Petet ★★★★★ I own a medi spa in Colorado and was so grateful to have found The Laser Agent. I have dealt with other companies in the past that were hard to communicate with and my experience from start to finish was excellent. Great company, great people!I am super happy with my new laser!Beth ColagrossiBeth Colagrossi ★★★★★ I am a new business owner and I have had a great experience with The Laser Agent. I sent a message on the weekend inquiring about a laser and received an immediate response from the owner. I was hesitant to work with a private company and just send money or a credit card without knowing them. They willingly shipped me my laser and allowed me to pay at the time of delivery. Drew and Liz worked with me on a daily basis to ensure I had the right equipment at great prices; they are honest and trustworthy. I will continue to reach out to them with future laser needs and highly recommend them to anyone looking for used equipment. Thanks so much!! I LOVE my laser :)joseph Poeppleinjoseph Poepplein ★★★★★ js_loader

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Purchasing a pre-owned laser can provide several benefits, including cost savings, reduced depreciation, and increased sustainability. Pre-owned lasers typically cost significantly less than new ones, making them a more budget-friendly option. Additionally, used lasers have already experienced depreciation, so their value tends to remain more stable over time. Finally, buying pre-owned helps reduce waste and promote a more sustainable approach to medical equipment.

Yes, when purchased from a reputable source like The Laser Agent, pre-owned lasers can be just as reliable as new ones. These lasers have been thoroughly inspected, tested, and restored to their original working condition, ensuring that you receive a high-quality, dependable device.

Absolutely! The Laser Agent offers comprehensive technical support and maintenance services for all their pre-owned lasers. Their team of experts is available to address any questions or concerns you may have and to assist with troubleshooting, repairs, and maintenance.

The Laser Agent's knowledgeable team can guide you in selecting the most suitable pre-owned laser for your specific needs and budget. By understanding your practice's goals and requirements, we can recommend the best laser system to meet your objectives.

Yes, The Laser Agent offers warranties for their pre-owned lasers, giving you peace of mind with your purchase. The length and terms of the warranty will vary depending on the specific laser, so be sure to inquire about warranty details when considering a pre-owned device.