Your Practice Can Benefit from Laser Dermatology

Your Practice Can Benefit from Laser Dermatology

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A simple search through AmSpa’s Laser Treatment Directory should be enough to convince you that your practice needs some rejuvenation, but if it doesn’t, here are some reasons you should integrate laser dermatology into your business plan.

1. There are affordable options if buying an aesthetic machine is a must for your practice! Purchasing laser machines for your medical spa doesn’t need to break the bank. There are options for you if buying new aesthetic lasers just won’t fit your budget. One of which is purchasing used! If you have a laser machine you need to trade in, multiple companies will provide you with a cash offer and make the purchase of a used machine easy. Plus, they will deliver it straight to you so you can start offering services and pay off the rest quickly.

2. Integrating laser dermatology into your practice diversifies your service menu, which allows you to serve your clients in many ways. Lasers modernize your approach, but incorporating them into your menu will enable you to help your clients in ways you never dreamed. Dermatology and laser technology are booming, and there are treatments we could never dreamed of. Keep your practice current by keeping up with new trends in the beauty arena.

3. You may uncover a new passion in your field! If you are passionate about helping your clients and seeing results, laser dermatology is for you! Dr. Eric Bernstein MD explains the importance of considering laser technology for your medical spa or practice because of the incredible results alone. In his video response on laser consideration with Practical Dermatology, he says,” | am still fascinated by the laser tissue interaction- the blood vessel disappearing or the tattoo turning white!”

4. You don’t need a lot of machines to start offering laser treatments. Start small and build your service menu as you see fit. The purchase of even just one laser can diversify your practice and generate more income. Over time you will pay yourself back the cost of the laser. This will eventually provide more funds to purchase used or new aesthetic and medical lasers. If you are interested in used laser machines, check out for lasers are currently in stock.

Ready to Buy or Sell a Used Cosmetic Laser?

5. Laser certification for dermatologist courses is typically short! According to the National Laser Institute, dermatologists can be trained in laser technology in as little as two weeks. They offer hands-on classes and are recognized as the Harvard of Laser certification. Check them out if you are looking for laser certification classes in your area.

6. Laser dermatology offers safe and minimally invasive treatments for your clients and patients. Dr. Kathleen Cook Suozzi of Mohs Surgery says, “The true beauty of laser surgery is that not only will you look younger, but you can actually make your skin healthier and help treat precancerous changes.” The safe choice for your patients and practice is incorporating laser technology into your service menu.

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