Syneron Lasers: An Overview

Are you ready to stand out in the competitive aesthetic treatment industry? Syneron Lasers could be your ticket to the forefront. Renowned for their innovative blend of light and radiofrequency energies, these lasers are a powerhouse for various treatments. From smooth, hair-free skin to rejuvenated, youthful complexions, and even non-invasive fat reduction – Syneron Lasers do it all. Embrace the Syneron advantage in your clinic for a diverse range of procedures, catering to an array of patient needs and cosmetic desires.

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Hone The Dual Power of Electro-Optical Synergy with Syneron Lasers

Just when you thought you’d seen all that cosmetic lasers and medical lasers can do, Syneron Lasers then made their debut with the revolutionary elōs technology. Elōs, which stands for Electro-Optical Synergy, combines optical power and radiofrequency energy for enhanced penetration to layers and tissues underneath the skin. Because of this synergy, the optical fluence is lowered by a significant 60%, which results in your clients’ favorite aesthetic treatments being delivered more comfortably and efficiently.

To solidify its ranks in the world of aesthetic treatments, Syneron Medical Ltd. acquired another laser company, Candela, in 2010. By merging laser technologies, Syneron is now able to use radio frequency energy and intense pulse light (IPL) energy to not only effectively get rid of unwanted hair anywhere in the body but also offer the latest in non-invasive skin treatments and body contouring.

So if you’re looking for a laser machine that can deliver optimal results for a wider range of cosmetic and aesthetic treatments, the power-packed and feature-rich Syneron lasers could be exactly what you need.

Go The Extra Mile with Everything That Syneron Lasers Can Offer

Developments in the realm of medical technology will not stop and neither should you. Keep your clinic’s offerings updated by ensuring that your machines can handle a variety of in-demand treatments. With a Syneron Laser under your wing, you’ll be able to perform the following:

  • Skin Rejuvenation and Skin Resurfacing: Patients will always come to your clinic wanting to improve the appearance of their skin. You can tell them that you can do this and more with the dual power of Syneron Lasers. Using just the right amount of energy, the lasers can target specific areas of your skin without causing damage to the areas around it. Because the combination of optical energy and radiofrequency energy allows for deeper penetration within the skin, collagen, and elastin production will be stimulated as well. Get noticeable results with increased comfort! Who wouldn’t want that?
  • Body Contouring Treatments: Are you looking for a top laser brand with a reputation for beautiful body contouring results? Here is the answer! Syneron Lasers specialize in body contouring and fat reduction processes because of their trademark elōs technology. Get the results you want faster and with no pain involved!
  • Efficient Hair Removal: Because a Syneron laser can hyperfocus on a small area, it is an effective laser for hair removal. After just a few sessions with your clinic, the patient can look forward to the targeted hair being gone – permanently.

Looking for Syneron Lasers For Sale? Here’s Where You’ll Find Them!

Elevate your clinic's capabilities with Syneron Lasers, where advanced light and radiofrequency energies converge for extraordinary aesthetic outcomes. From transformative hair removal and skin rejuvenation to pioneering anti-aging and fat reduction therapies, Syneron sets your services apart.

Looking for a Syneron to add to your clinic or med spa’s lineup? The Laser Agent provides a curated collection of the latest Syneron lasers, ensuring your practice has access to the best in the industry. Here are some top models currently available, each boasting its unique state-of-the-art features:

Want to see the complete list of Syneron lasers available? Check this out and get in touch with a Laser Agent representative to score the best rates! 

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Let us answer some of your most common questions about Syneron lasers.

The elōs Plus device is unique among laser hair removal devices in that it combines two distinct technologies: the 810 nm wavelength diode laser and radiofrequency; it provides an effective, safe, and quick treatment with the added benefit of less discomfort.

elōs targets and disables the hair follicle using "Vortex Heating."

After the laser energy has heated the hair shaft, the Vortex is formed as the RF energy encircles and heats the hair follicle. This disables the entire hair follicle, not just the hair shaft.

Syneron Lasers is a medical device manufacturer that specializes in producing laser systems for various medical applications, including aesthetic surgery, dermatology, and pain management.

Syneron Lasers undergoes rigorous testing and quality control processes to ensure their devices are safe for medical use. They are approved by regulatory bodies such as the FDA and CE, and the company provides comprehensive training and support to ensure the safe and effective use of their devices.