Start a Med Spa

Your Practice Can Benefit from Laser Dermatology

Your Practice Can Benefit from Laser Dermatology Laser Therapy Will Rejuvenate your Medical Spa Read More Did you know? A simple search through AmSpa’s Laser Treatment Directory should be enough to convince you that your practice needs some rejuvenation, but if it doesn’t, here are some reasons you should integrate laser dermatology into your business…

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Laser Machines

Guide to Buying Pre Owned Lasers

When buying pre-owned aesthetic or medical equipment, the most important thing is to investigate from whom you are buying your system. Lasers are expensive pieces of equipment, and as such this industry attracts some sellers that are less than ethical in their business dealings. There are three main categories of sellers in the laser industry……

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Laser Treatment

Guide to Buying Pre-Owned Lasers Part 2 why buy used instead of New

Whether you’re just delving into the industry of non-invasive cosmetic treatments or a seasoned veteran of the trade, you’ve no doubt experienced a bit of “sticker shock” when shopping for a brand new laser to add to your practice. Because of this, many laser professionals begin to explore their options for a less expensive alternative.…

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Tattoo Removal

Most Effective Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

When your business needs a laser tattoo removal machine, not just any device will do. You need the right technology that’s reliable and profitable without breaking the bank. At The Laser Agent, we have a variety of refurbished laser tattoo removal machines that can instantly add value to your business. Read on to learn more…

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Med Spa

How to Start a Med Spa

Everyone knows the decisions involved in starting a business in any specialty are overwhelming. Starting a Medical Spa can be an incredibly intimidating project for entrepreneurs who want to start their own profitable practice. Luckily, a Medical Spa is an incredibly promising business venture. The good news is that many people enjoy spending their money…

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