Laser FAQs

Buying a Used Cosmetic Laser?

There are a lot of factors that impact the price of each laser; our inventory changing daily, system configurations with handpieces and pulse counts being different with each system, dates of manufacturing, etc- we recommend that you call us directly at 317-570-0448 or fill out a contact form to inquire about pricing.

Yes, we have a white glove delivery service and that’s how we deliver a majority of our devices. If that option isn’t available we can ship the lasers anywhere in the world with our custom crates that are secured with spray foam to ensure safety during transportation.

White glove delivery is our custom-built Ford Transit that we strap in securely with foam and it’s heated to ensure safety through the colder months. Our custom crates are secured with spray foam to ensure safety during transportation.

Our lasers come with a standard 30-day warranty to ensure that they are working and functioning to the manufacturer’s specifications. We have a service team that inspects and checks out each system prior to delivery. Outside the 30-day warranty, you can call us and we can help with any troubleshooting or repairs needed.

We do not buy or resell damaged or defective lasers. When we purchase these lasers we test them prior to picking them up as well as when they reach our facility to ensure they are working properly prior to selling them.

We recommend that all customers do a live Facetime or video call to see the system working for themselves. This ensures that the laser is the one you want, is functioning properly, has a serial number that matches the pictures, and is actually in stock.

Selling a Used Cosmetic Laser?

Yes, we will purchase any medical laser even if there are cosmetic damages to the system. Fill out a form on our website to start the process.

Depending on where you are geographically located, we will either pick up the system on our Ford Transit vans or we will coordinate the crating and shipping of the systems. We cover all the costs for transportation and liability.

The price of your used laser is determined by a few factors: date of manufacturing, pulse counts or usage on the system, handpieces and accessories, overall cosmetic condition. We will ask for pictures of this information so that we can validate the information and provide you with the most accurate pricing.

We purchase all major aesthetic and cosmetic manufacturer brands including but not limited to Candela, Cutera, Cynosure, Lumenis, Lutronic, Quanta, Alma, BTL, Syneron, Palomar, Fraxel, and Luxar.

Need a Laser Repaired or Serviced?