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Looking for top-notch lasers in New York without the top-tier prices? At The Laser Agent, we've got your back. Check out our stash of Used Medical and Aesthetic Lasers that'll give your clinic a serious upgrade while keeping your wallet happy. Quality care, happier patients, and savings? Yes, you can have it all.

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Elevating Practices with Our Services

At The Laser Agent, our passion is to rejuvenate clinics with high-quality pre-owned laser systems. We understand that the right tools can significantly enhance patient care and practice growth. This is why we meticulously source, inspect, and offer a spectrum of laser solutions tailored to the diverse needs of modern medical aesthetics. From acquisition to after-care, our comprehensive services are designed to streamline your experience and maximize your investment.


Take a look at our hand-selected used lasers that marry affordability with assured performance. We stand by the quality and durability of each device.


Ready to upgrade or liquidate? We streamline the process of selling your used lasers, turning your surplus equipment into capital.



Longevity is key, and we ensure it with detailed refurbishing and proactive maintenance, guaranteeing peak performance for all your sessions.


We make receiving your laser straightforward with a refined delivery process that ensures quick and secure transit across the United States.

Unlock Premium Quality for Less with Our Selection of Used Lasers

Feeling the pinch from the premium prices of brand-new lasers? No worries – we’re here to help you save without skimping quality. Our used lasers for sale bring the efficiency and reliability your practice needs at a price that keeps your budget happy.

Tested Reliability: No random picks here—our used lasers are hand-selected and tested with a fine-tooth comb. Each used laser equipment for sale guarantees they deliver results as impressive as their brand-new counterparts.

Financially Smart Choices: As equipment prices soar, keeping your practice on the cutting edge can cut a hole in your wallet. Our selection offers that high-level performance you need without the staggering new equipment costs.

M22 Laser
Hair Removal Laser

Wide-Ranging Options: Whether it’s rejuvenating skin, zapping away unwanted hair, or minimizing scars, our diverse array of equipment means more services at your fingertips.

Budget-Friendly Innovations: New gadgets come with strings attached—like those pesky service fees. But with our used lasers, you're getting top-notch tech without the tug on your finances, so you can beef up your services without slimming down your wallet.

Buy a Used Laser

We look forward to becoming your primary resource market for all of your current and future used medical and cosmetic laser needs. Not sure which refurbished cosmetic laser is suitable for your business? Visit our education page for more information!

Used Lasers for Sale

The Laser Agent Why The Laser Agent Stands Out for Premium Pre-Owned Lasers

Searching for used aesthetic lasers or contemplating a used cosmetic laser for your clinic? The journey to upgrade your practice with these tools can be filled with cautionary tales. You might be familiar with the stories of heavy investments leading to little more than disappointment due to underperforming equipment. This is where The Laser Agent changes the narrative.

Our approach at The Laser Agent is far from the typical 'find-and-sell.' We're committed to a stringent selection method that guarantees every used laser for sale meets more than just the basic standards. We're talking about excellence, dependability, and true value for your investment.

No used medical lasers for sale hit our catalog without passing a full-scale, expert-led appraisal. Our seasoned specialists put each used laser equipment for sale through a sequence of exhaustive performance tests, ensuring safety, efficacy, and endurance are in line with professional demands. We're meticulous because your clinic deserves equipment that not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Horror stories of clinics regretting their purchase of second-rate lasers don't align with our history. Our legacy is built on trust, superior quality, and comprehensive customer support. Purchasing from The Laser Agent means securing not just any used aesthetic equipment for sale but a piece of technology that's been given our seal of approval. That's a level of confidence money simply can't buy.

Whether you're looking to buy aesthetic lasers, seek out used medical lasers, or browse used aesthetic laser options, our inventory is rich with choice. From cosmetic lasers for sale to the more specialized used aesthetic laser systems, we cover the full spectrum. When it's time to elevate your service offerings with used cosmetic lasers for sale or to incorporate a cutting-edge used aesthetic laser into your practice, The Laser Agent is your definitive source for premium, pre-owned technology.

We don't just supply used lasers; we deliver a promise of quality, longevity, and performance with every piece of used cosmetic laser equipment for sale. Your practice is ready to step up with The Laser Agent’s trusted, sustainable solutions.

The Laser Agent Team

Looking to Upgrade Your Clinic's Technology on a Budget?

Enhance your clinic's arsenal with our premium selection of used lasers. Top performance meets affordability in our handpicked range.

Our mission? To advance your practice with reliable, cost-effective laser solutions that promise to impress both you and your clients. Decades of experience have equipped us with insider knowledge and a keen eye for what truly works. We're in it for more than just transactions; we're here to ensure your practice shines without straining your finances. 

Why wait to give your clinic a competitive edge? Choose our used lasers and invest confidently at costs that keep your budget intact. 

What Makes The Laser Agent a Trusted Source of Used Medical and Aesthetic Lasers in New York

Choosing The Laser Agent means choosing a partner dedicated to your satisfaction. We blend top-tier equipment with impeccable service, making your investment in used lasers secure and sound.


Personalized Demonstrations

Peek into our collection with tailored video demos that show you the ins and outs of our lasers.

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Rigorous Pre-Delivery Inspections

Every laser is thoroughly checked before we send it off so it arrives in excellent condition.

Customer Support

Exclusive Access to Experts

Questions? Need some guidance? Our expert team is always on hand to assist you.


Guaranteed Safe Delivery

No matter where in the States you are, we promise a worry-free delivery.


Our Warranty Commitment

Every sale is backed by a solid warranty for your peace of mind.

But what truly sets The Laser Agent apart from the rest? It's our unparalleled commitment to after-sales care. The relationships we build with our clients don't just end after a sale. Beyond the sale, we’re here to maintain and warrant your equipment, ensuring it serves your practice well into the future. 

Ready to Buy or Sell a Used Cosmetic Laser?

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Well, think of it like buying a certified pre-owned car. You get almost all the benefits of a new one without the hefty price tag. Our lasers are vetted, reliable, and perform like new. Plus, it’s an eco-friendly choice—giving these machines a second life!

We totally get the concern! Every laser we sell goes through rigorous checks by our experts. Think of us as the picky friend – if it's not up to our high standards, we won't even consider it.

You're not just buying a laser from us; you're joining The Laser Agent family. Got a question, a tiny glitch, or just need some advice? Our team is always a call or message away.

We've got you covered. Whether you’re across the street or across the country, we make sure your laser gets to you safely. And hey, we ensure it's packed securely and arrives without a scratch.

Absolutely! We stand by our lasers and offer a solid warranty. If there's a hiccup, we're on it. Your peace of mind is the top priority for us.