2017 Quanta Evo Q Plus C


The Quanta Evo Q-Plus C laser is one of the most effective and reliable Q-Switch lasers available. Primarily used for tattoo removal, this laser has three wavelengths 1064nm, 532nm, and 694nm that can target all different colors of ink. This laser can also be used to treat vascular and pigmented lesions, permanent hair removal, and wrinkles.

System Includes: System Base, Power Cord, Protective Eyewear, Owner’s Manual, Professional Packing / Crating

Reference Number: TLA4063

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Tattoo Removal




Q Plus C

Boost Your Clinic’s Vibe with the Quanta Evo Q Plus C

Hoping to find a laser machine that revs up your clinic's flow and wins you those coveted 5-star client reviews? Step up to the Quanta Evo Q Plus C Laser. It's not just about the tech; it's about syncing with your clinic's beat. Get ready for more seamless days and happy clients.

Features of the Quanta Evo Q Plus C Laser

Step into the realm of top-notch Italian craftsmanship. This laser is more than a tool—it's a blend of wavelengths designed to offer safe, premium treatments for beauty and skin concerns. It’s like your very own Swiss army knife for aesthetic needs, making it a cornerstone for any modern medspa.

Tech Behind the Laser

The versatility of the Quanta Evo Q Plus C Laser lies in its multi-wavelength capability. It’s prepped to tackle everything from pigmentation issues to hair elimination and skin smoothing. It’s a blend of tech that doesn’t just promise but delivers.

Power Notes and Wavelengths

Armed with 1064nm and 532nm wavelengths, and room for 585nm or 650nm additions, this laser wears many hats. It's all about offering a tailored care plan, putting your clinic in a league of its own.

Quanta Evo Q-Plus

Simplified User Experience

In the world of lasers, the ease of operation is gold. The Quanta Evo Q Plus C Laser nails it with an approachable interface combined with exact controls. Navigate with confidence via its clear touchscreen, and count on the accuracy of its settings.

Cool and Comfy

Comfort isn't an afterthought; it’s front and center. This laser boasts an advanced cooling mechanism, ensuring treatments are more of a treat, less of a challenge, keeping skin calm and untouched.

Tools of the Trade

With adaptable spot sizes and intensity options, practitioners get to pick the best fit for every case. It’s this adaptability that cements your clinic’s reputation as the place for top-quality care.

Benefits of Using the Quanta Evo Q Plus C Laser

At the heart of the Quanta Evo Q Plus C Laser is its ability to sing in many wavelengths. It's like having a Swiss army knife in the world of dermatology and beauty. Got some stubborn pigments, hairy situations, or some skin that needs a little love? This tech maestro's got you covered with standout results.

Flexing with Wavelengths

Boasting wavelengths like 1064nm and 532nm, and the cool option to hop into 585nm or 650nm, this laser is all about serving diverse skincare moods. It's all about curating that personal touch for your patients, making your clinic the talk of the town.

No-Fuss Controls

Who said lasers need to be tricky? The Quanta Evo Q Plus C Laser packs a punch with its breezy interface and pinpoint controls. Swipe and tap your way through its nifty touchscreen, ensuring you're always in control and on point.

Keepin' It Cool

Let's be real - nobody wants a sweaty, uncomfortable session. That's why this laser rolls out the red carpet with its swanky cooling system. It's all about pampering the skin, ensuring every treatment feels like a cool breeze, leaving the skin fresh and singing praises.

The Perfect Attachments

Size matters. And so does the intensity. With the ability to play around with spot sizes and fluence levels, this laser lets you dial in the right vibe for every skin tale. Offering treatments that hit the sweet spot ensures your clinic's status as the go-to spot for top-tier skincare.

Do More with the Quanta Evo Q Plus C Laser at 80% Off

Give your practice the competitive edge for tattoo removal, skin resurfacing and rejuvenation, and benign pigmentation treatments by getting the Quanta Evo Q Pluc C. Order this laser from The Laser Agent and enjoy an impressive 80% discount! With this amazing deal, you can elevate your practice to new heights and gain superb reactions from your clients. Contact us at (463) 263-9263 today and let us guide you on the journey to advanced patient care.

Do You Have Questions About Selling A Cosmetic Laser?


Let us answer some of your common questions about the Quanta Q-Plus C lasers.

Ever wondered about the magic behind the Quanta Q-Plus C Laser? It's like the artist's eraser for tattoos! Using snazzy Q-switched laser vibes, it boasts multiple wavelengths, giving it an edge to chase down a spectrum of tattoo ink hues. Think of a rainbow tattoo on diverse skin types; this laser's got the chops to tackle it.

When you hear "Q-Plus laser," think of the elite Quanta crew. The "Q" here is like the laser's VIP pass, standing for "Quality Factor". It's all about dishing out powerful energy zaps in blink-and-miss moments. Machines like the Quanta Q-Plus C are the celebs in zapping away tattoos and those pesky pigmented spots, thanks to their pinpoint pigment targeting.

Picture Q-switched lasers as the ultimate tattoo busters. They toss out intense light bursts in mere nanoseconds, which the tattoo pigments gobble up. This munching frenzy makes the pigments break up into tiny dance particles. With time, your body's cleanup crew (the immune system) sweeps these particles away, gradually dimming the tattoo's glare. And here's the cherry on top: its super-quick action spares the neighboring skin, keeping scarring worries at bay.

While Q-switched laser gigs are generally smooth sailing, there might be a few ripples:

  • A touch of redness or a puffy look on the treated patch.
  • Temporary skin mood swings - it might go a tad darker or lighter.
  • Some crusting or baby blisters.
  • Scarring's almost like a unicorn - super rare, especially if you've got the right laser maestro and you pamper your skin post-treatment.
  • Beware of skin either lightening up (hypopigmentation) or going a shade darker (hyperpigmentation), especially if sunblock isn't your best friend post-treatment.

After your laser jam, treat your skin like royalty. Sure, you can give it a rinse, but think gentle, think soft. Opt for a friendly, no-fuss cleanser and embrace the warmth of lukewarm water. Ditch the idea of scrubbing and scalding hot water. And when drying off? Be as soft as a butterfly's kiss with a plush towel. For the ultimate post-treatment TLC, always sync up with your practitioner's advice.