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Quanta Q Plus C

Equipped with three different wavelengths to provide a seamless tattoo removal treatment, the 2015 Quanta Plus C has remained the industry standard for removing pigment and spots through lasers. It is also the only FDA-approved laser in the industry allowed to use three wavelengths in its treatments. Aside from tattoo removals, patients can also minimize their age spots and improve skin texture through the 2015 Quanta Q Plus C. 

System Includes: System Base, Power Cord, Protective Eyewear, Owner’s Manual, Professional Packing / Crating

Reference Number: TLA4063


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Q Plus C

2015 Quanta Q Plus C 

Precision and accuracy are something that the 2015 Quanta Q Plus C can offer to your practice, as it is built by Quanta Systems, an Italian laser company that has a wide variety of laser machines focusing on treating aesthetic skin concerns and preserving valuable art pieces. 

The Quanta 2015 Q Plus C laser also has state-of-the-art technologies built into such as the Q-Switched Effect, Quanta Mixed Technology, and the Optibeam II--all working together to deliver fast and effective results to your patient's skin. 

If you want to provide your patients with an efficient and quick way to remove their tattoos and age spots, the 2015 Quanta Q Plus C can be a great addition to your MedSpa or clinic. 

How Can Your Patients Benefit from the 2015 Quanta Q Plus C Lasers?

Through its Quanta Mixed Technology, the 2015 Quanta Q Plus C lasers can make treatment procedures a breeze for patients. The technology can mix two to three different wavelengths, allowing it to erase pigmented lesions or tattoo ink in a single swipe. 

When it comes to tattoo removals, the 2015 Quanta Q Plus C can also work with several colors of tattoo ink on the skin. It can switch between the Nd:YAG and Ruby laser technologies to adapt to what color the laser is removing. 

If you want to know more about what treatments can the 2015 Quanta Q Plus C do for your patients, check out the list below: 

  • Erase multi-colored tattoos through three wavelengths: 1064 for black inks, 694 for blue or green colors, and 532 for red or orange colors
  • Remove other tattoo ink colors such as violet, sky blue, dark blue, and brown
  • Treat vascular-pigmented lesions
  • Minimize scars on the skin
  • Reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging
  • Rejuvenate the skin
  • Improve skin texture
  • Help with inflammatory acne
  • Lighten unwanted hair
  • Treat nail fungus

How Does the 2015 Quanta Q Plus C Laser Work?

The Quanta Q Plus C combines four different technologies to deliver desirable results to your patients. 

Several tattoo inks and shades can be erased in just a single pass through the laser's Quanta Mixed Technology. The technology works by mixing two different wavelengths to treat various specific colors of tattoo ink. It can also guarantee patients less downtime and skin inflammation after their treatment. 

The Quanta Q-Plus lasers can produce a homogeneous flat-top beam thanks to its OptiBeam II technology.

Your patient's skin may develop hot spots without this homogeneous beam, resulting in painful burns.

It also has a Q-switched effect technology. Its primary function is to preserve the healthy skin surrounding your patient's tattoo or pigmentation while concentrating on the tattoo or pigmentation itself. 

Lastly, it has the TWAIN handpieces, equipped with Intense Pulsed Light technology that can work best for hair removal, vascular lesions, treating active acne, and rejuvenating the skin. It also has an integrated skin cooling technology that protects the skin from the heat emitted from the laser, preventing your patient from skin burns. 

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Our 2015 Quanta Q Plus C laser system includes:

  • System Base
  • Power Cord
  • Protective Eyewear
  • Owner's Manual
  • Professional Packing/Crating


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Let us answer some of your common questions about the 2015 Quanta Q Plus C lasers.

The Q Switched Ruby laser generates extremely brief pulses of high-energy red light. The light absorbs the tattoo pigment particles but is not absorbed by the surrounding skin.

The tattoo pigment then begins to heat up and break down into small particles.

The treatment's outcomes will be visible immediately following the procedure. However, it is recommended to have 6 sessions of the Q-switch Laser Treatment for complete skin rejuvenation.

The Quanta Mixed Technology in the 2015 Quanta Q Plus C lasers allows it to erase pigmented lesions or tattoo ink in a single swipe. The technology can mix two to three different wavelengths, making treatment procedures a breeze for patients.

Yes! The 2015 Quanta Q Plus C can be used to remove tattoos of different colors. It can switch between the Nd:YAG and Ruby laser technologies to adapt to what color the laser is removing.

The 2015 Quanta Q Plus C laser is a powerful and reliable tool for achieving optimal results in a wide range of laser treatments. It offers a comprehensive range of clinical applications, including hair removal, tattoo removal, wrinkle reduction, vascular lesions, skin rejuvenation, and more.