2018 Quanta Discovery Pico Plus


The Quanta Discovery Pico is a picosecond laser used to treat tattoo removal of all colors with 1064, 532 and 694 wavelengths

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Better Tattoo Removal with the Quanta Discovery Pico Plus

The Quanta Discovery Pico Plus is a perfect addition to a growing practice looking to break into the tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation industry.

Enjoy a New Era in Tattoo Removal with the Quanta Discovery Pico Plus

Do you want to tap into the growing demand for tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation treatments without buying two machines? Believe it or not, the global laser tattoo removal market is expected to grow to $795 million by 2027 and the global skin rejuvenation market is expected to reach $16.7 billion by the end of 2030. However, investing in multiple lasers could break your budget for your practice. But what if you could offer skin rejuvenation and tattoo removal using only one machine?

We’re talking about the Quanta Discovery Pico Plus. This laser machine can offer not only the most updated tattoo removal techniques in the market but also a variety of sought-after skin rejuvenation treatments as well. Built by Quanta Systems, you can be assured of premium Italian engineering and laser system design. As the name suggests, the Discovery Pico Plus makes use of super-short picosecond pulses that are better at targeting a wide spectrum of tattoo ink colors. The same technology can also be used to fade dark spots, melasma, or other forms of hyperpigmentation. Been thinking of expanding your business? This is the perfect time to attract new clients.

2018 Quanta Discovery Pico Plus

With this machine in your lineup, your clinic will soon become one of the most visited clinics in your area. Let your future clients’ glowing reviews do the rounds and attract more business to your location!

Features You’ll Love in the Quanta Discovery Pico Plus Laser

  • OPTIBEAM® II: This advanced beam type is homogenized, which is safer and more effective than traditional lasers.
  • Multi-Wavelength System: The Quanta Discovery Pico Plus is equipped with a wide range of wavelength options, enhancing its ability to pulverize a wide range of ink colors and pigmentation.
  • Picosecond Laser Technology: Picosecond laser technology ensures faster, safer, and more efficient treatments compared to traditional systems. 
  • Optimized Pulse Duration: Aside from emitting energy in ultra-short pulses, the Discovery Pico Plus is so precise that it causes less thermal damage to the surrounding skin than other Q-switched lasers.
  • Friendly Touchscreen Interface: Reading multiple drop-down menus can be downright confusing and time-consuming. Be more efficient with the super-friendly touchscreen interface on this machine!

In-Demand Treatments You Can Offer with the Quanta Discovery Pico Plus 

The Quanta Discovery Pico Plus is known for superior tattoo removal capabilities but that’s not all it can do. You can finally expand your service menu with a laser machine like this!

  • Multi-Color Tattoo Removal

The Quanta Discovery Pico Plus laser sets a new standard in the realm of tattoo removal. Its comprehensive wavelength range (1064 nm, 532 nm, 694 nm, and 585 nm) allows the system to target and remove all tattoo ink colors. This versatility makes it the perfect tool for managing intricate and multi-colored tattoo designs that might be challenging for other lasers.

  • Pigmented Lesion Treatment

Aside from tattoo removal, the Quanta Discovery Pico Plus laser can also effectively target and treat a range of pigment issues such as age spots, sunspots, and melasma. 

  • Skin Revitalization

The Quanta Discovery Pico Plus laser energy stimulates collagen and elastin production, significantly improving the skin's texture and tone. By catering to treatments like scars and wrinkles treatment, acne scar treatment, and skin rejuvenation, the laser enables you to meet a wider range of aesthetic goals. 

With its speed, efficiency, and versatility, the Quanta Discovery Pico Plus allows for quick treatment sessions. These advantages mean that you can increase your patient turnover rate without compromising on treatment quality, resulting in enhanced bottom lines for your practice.

2018 Quanta Discovery Pico Plus
2018 Quanta Discovery Pico Plus Machine
2018 Quanta Discovery Pico Plus Machine Side View

Transform Your Practice with the Quanta Discovery Plus 

Don’t get stuck with outdated machines that could hurt your clinic or med spa’s reputation. Instead, invest in a laser tattoo removal machine that can do more than just one specialized treatment. Hitting two or more birds with one stone? You bet.

You can ask one of our representatives for professional advice on how to use the Quanta Discovery Pico Plus. Whether it’s an in-depth tutorial or a quick consultation about the price point, you can get in touch with The Laser Agent. We have ready-to-use Quanta units available today.

Do You Have Questions About Selling A Cosmetic Laser?


Let us address some of your frequently asked questions about Quanta Discovery Pico Plus Lasers.

The Quanta Discovery Pico Plus laser boasts a range of wavelengths, namely 1064 nm, 532 nm, 694 nm, and 585 nm, allowing it to perform a variety of treatments effectively. Its laser type is a Q-switched, Nd:YAG, Ruby, and KTP, and it operates with a repetition rate of up to 10 Hz. The laser offers both nanosecond and picosecond pulse durations, providing superior flexibility during treatment.

The Quanta Discovery Pico Plus utilizes four different wavelengths to target a broad spectrum of tattoo colors. The 1064 nm wavelength is ideal for darker ink colors like black and blue, 532 nm for red and orange, 694 nm for green, and 585 nm for sky blue and yellow. This versatility allows for effective removal of multi-colored tattoos.

Yes, the Quanta Discovery Pico Plus laser can be safely used on all skin types. Its multiple wavelengths and adjustable settings enable practitioners to customize treatments according to each patient's unique skin condition and desired results.

Yes, the Quanta Discovery Pico Plus can also perform non-ablative skin rejuvenation treatments. Its laser energy promotes collagen and elastin production, resulting in improved skin texture and tone.

The Quanta Discovery Pico Plus stands out with its high repetition rate of up to 10 Hz, which enables faster treatment sessions. This efficiency allows practitioners to treat more patients in a day without sacrificing the quality of results. Additionally, its versatility in handling various treatments further increases its efficiency by reducing the need for multiple separate devices.