Who We Are

At The Laser Agent, we buy and sell medical, aesthetic, veterinary and ophthalmic lasers.

LOOKING TO BUY?  The Laser Agent specializes in selling only the most innovative medical lasers and aesthetic technologies.  Our staff has over 16 years experience in all areas of laser and aesthetic device sales and training.  With the ever-changing technologies and companies representing them, how do you ever decide on what is REALLY right for you and specific needs of your practice?

Because we have the opportunity to sell ALL major manufacturers and models of medical lasers, we can truly be an unbiased resource for you.  No one company has the best of everything, and each has their own particular strengths and weaknesses.  The Laser Agent will be your  resource to sort through the hype and salespeople to help you choose what laser (if any) is right for you.

LOOKING TO SELL? We buy lasers and supplies from physicians, medi-spas, hospitals, medical centers, surgery centers, and aesthetic professionals.  Contact us for a cash quote for your system.

Why We’re Different

We carry our inventory because The Laser Agent is a dealer… NOT a broker or re-marketer.  What does this mean?  Many of competitors advertise systems on behalf of a doctor or aesthetic practice.  At the Laser Agent, we stock all of the units we sell.  Once you determine the system that is right for your office, you can view it via YouTube video, live Skype video call, FaceTime, or by visiting our Indianapolis warehouse.  The Laser Agent has become one of the largest resellers of medical and aesthetic lasers in the United States, and we ship all around the globe.  We are exclusively dedicated to helping you find the right pre-owned laser or aesthetic system for your practice.

Services We Offer

  • Guidance and advice on what technology is right for you
  • Surgical, aesthetic, veterinary and ophthalmic lasers
  • Sales of new and certified pre-owned medical lasers and aesthetic equipment
  • Clinical training and support
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Equipment financing
  • Marketing support

As a leading source for pre-owned aesthetic equipment and surgical, veterinary and ophthalmic lasers, we are are here to help!

If you are unable to travel to our location, just let us know.  We will arrange a meeting via Skype or FaceTime so that you can speak with our representatives to get your questions answered and to view a live demonstration of the system or systems that interest you.  When you find the unit that meets your needs, we will professionally pack or crate it for you and ship it to anywhere in the world.

Call us to speak with us directly or to schedule a FaceTime call: 317.570.0448

Contact us via Skype at: tony.kokjohn

Chat with us during business hours via the website on the homepage.