Whether you are looking for used cosmetic lasers for sale because you run a tattoo removal company, hair removal business, or a vet clinic that requires the use of laser technology, there is a good case for buying used aesthetic lasers. However, not all used aesthetic lasers are created equal; when buying ophthalmic lasers used, it is important to know exactly what to look for. For example, a used therapeutic laser needs to be in the range of six to 10 watts of power for any practical clinical use.

So what exactly should you be looking for with used aesthetic lasers? And what are the benefits? Great questions. Let’s get started by diving into the benefits of purchasing used aesthetic lasers.

The Benefits of Buying Used

Incredible Savings: For business owners, profit is always an important consideration when making large purchases. It is true that you want to maintain a high quality, reputable business; however, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to buy all new equipment. Here is the thing about new equipment: after the first time it’s used, it’s no longer new! It is now used equipment that you have spent significantly more money on. The great thing about profitable businesses is that they are better able to serve their customers in the long run. Laser equipment is very expensive and the manufacturers of new aesthetic lasers have a high price on new equipment because they need to factor in the cost of research. The cost savings on used laser equipment is why most aesthetic clinics purchase pre owned lasers. Usually, pre owned is about half the price of a new laser, which means turning a profit on the investment in a fraction of the time.

Easier Maintenance Schedule: Long term savings are also a big reason why facilities end up purchasing used equipment. Although it feels a bit backwards, because we often grow up with the perception that used items will break down more quickly and more often, it isn’t usually the case with certified pre owned laser equipment. Additionally, new equipment usually needs to be repaired and maintained by machine manufacturers, who charge an incredible premium for the services. Pre owned lasers can be repaired and maintained by independent service providers, which guarantees you a much better service rate. This happens because previous models are typically less complicated, meaning repairs and maintenance can be done more efficiently.

The Technology: While it is true that laser technology is evolving and advancing each year, it is advancing at a much slower rate than manufacturers would like us to believe. Think about it like smartphones. When smartphones were first introduced, new models each year were leaps and bounds better than the previous. The last few years? Yeah, there are a few new bells and whistles, but the smartphone rate of improvement is slowing down because it is already such an incredible product. The same goes for aesthetic lasers. Laser technology is improving each year, it just isn’t improving all that much or all that quickly. For cosmetic purposes, the lasers have nearly the exact same rate of efficacy, whether it is for laser hair removal, tattoo removal, or something else.

Incredible Reliability: Used aesthetic lasers are incredibly reliable. One of the reasons for this is that we inspect and certify each pre owned laser that we sell. We stand behind each laser we sell completely. It’s our reputation on the line here. That is why we are so careful to only sell pre owned lasers that meet our strict standards; because we know these lasers need to be able to perform at the highest capacity for many years to come.

Increased Flexibility: Buying used lasers allows medical spas and other facilities increased flexibility to get the right types of lasers to grow the business. This is due to the nature of pre owned lasers being significantly less expensive than their new counterparts, which gives you the ability to purchase additional lasers. The wider range of cosmetic treatments you can offer at your facility, the more likely you are to grow your business in a flexible and profitable way.