Syneron Lasers: An Overview

Are you looking for a laser brand designed for body contouring? Syneron lasers specialize in intense pulsed light (IPL) and diode laser systems.   

Syneron Lasers can help your practice by providing laser machines that can perform comfortable procedures that are 60% better than their competitors through their elōs technology system. Your patients can enjoy healthier and brighter skin through these FDA-approved lasers. 

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Syneron Lasers was also known to have laser systems that provide reliable and efficient aesthetic treatments. After acquiring the laser brand Candela in 2010, Syneron Medical Ltd. merged its laser systems under Candela and has carried the same brand name ever since.

Syneron lasers, like Candela lasers, can be used for a wide range of aesthetic laser procedures. For example, they can use radio frequency energy and intense pulse light energy to remove unwanted hair and make the skin look more radiant and healthy.

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How Can Syneron Laser Help Your Patients?

Syneron Laser treatments are a safe, effective way to improve the appearance of your patient's skin. The beauty of Syneron's laser technology is that it's able to target specific areas of the skin with just the right amount of energy. This means that your patients can expect noticeable results without worrying about damaging their skin or causing any side effects. 

If you are curious about the abilities of Syneron lasers, check out its list of treatments below:

  • firmer and clearer skin
  • rejuvenate the skin
  • remove unwanted hair permanently
  • treat acne, vascular, and benign pigmented lesions
  • reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging
  • minimize leg veins

How Do Syneron Lasers Work?

Syneron lasers carry a similar elōs technology to the present Candela lasers. The elōs technology allows Syneron lasers to make their laser treatments 60% more comfortable than other laser brands while still providing higher efficacy for all skin types.

The elōs technology works by having radio frequency and intense pulsed light energy target only the part of the skin that needs to be treated. It can also penetrate deep into the skin, encouraging collagen and elastin production—two critical proteins involved in skin cell renewal. The result is that old, damaged skin cells are replaced with new, healthy ones, making the skin tighter, smoother, and more radiant.

Patients can also experience no downtime with Syneron lasers, which means they can resume their normal activities right after the procedure. Significant results may appear after one to three treatment sessions.

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Let us answer some of your most common questions about Syneron lasers.

The elōs Plus device is unique among laser hair removal devices in that it combines two distinct technologies: the 810 nm wavelength diode laser and radiofrequency; it provides an effective, safe, and quick treatment with the added benefit of less discomfort.

elōs targets and disables the hair follicle using "Vortex Heating."

After the laser energy has heated the hair shaft, the Vortex is formed as the RF energy encircles and heats the hair follicle. This disables the entire hair follicle, not just the hair shaft.

Syneron Lasers is a medical device manufacturer that specializes in producing laser systems for various medical applications, including aesthetic surgery, dermatology, and pain management.

Syneron Lasers undergoes rigorous testing and quality control processes to ensure their devices are safe for medical use. They are approved by regulatory bodies such as the FDA and CE, and the company provides comprehensive training and support to ensure the safe and effective use of their devices.