Service a Laser.

We can service most of the major manufacturers’ products with preventative maintenance, parts, and repairs.

Specifically, we provide the following services:

Luxar Refurbishment
  • Alignment
  • Calibration
  • Regassing the CO2 tube
  • Clean and change the optics
VBeam Perfecta Service/Maintenance
  • Install new dye kits. (Recommend every six months to a year.)

We will come to you to service or repair your laser anywhere across the country.

Handpiece Service and Repair

Brands we service include:

  • Cynosure Icon
  • Palomar Starlux Handpiece Repairs and Refurbishing
  • Cutera Handpiece Refurbishing
  • Alma Handpiece Refurbishing

Handpiece refurbishing includes resetting shot counts, full repair, and/or cosmetic repair.


Professionally paint laser devices to match the paint in your office/facility.

We provide this service in-house.

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