2015 Lumenis M22


The Lumenis M22 is a multiplatform laser that can perform hair removal, IPL and skin resurfacing.

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2019 Lumenis Stellar M22 IPL

When it comes to versatility, the 2019 Lumenis Stellar M22 stands in a league of its own. Perfect for everything from swift hair removal to impactful IPL therapies and top-tier skin resurfacing, this multiplatform laser has got your treatment needs covered.It’s the versatile, high-performing solution your clinic needs to tackle an array of skin concerns with confidence and ease.

Unleashing the Power of the Lumenis M22: A Comprehensive Skin Solution

In a sea of aesthetic clinics, are you struggling to make your mark? Turn the tide with the 2019 Lumenis M22.  This isn't just any laser – it’s a powerhouse of versatility, packing a punch with over 320 applications. 

Clients today don’t just want results; they want to be wowed. And that's precisely what the M22 delivers. And the best part? It's not just about the regular stuff like hair removal or giving skin a new sheen. This wizard of a machine even takes on more unique challenges like dry eye syndrome with a specialized treatment. That's right - you're not just upgrading your services; you're expanding them, which means a wider range of clients walking through your doors. 

Ease of use? You got it. Commitment to safety? Absolutely. With the Lumenis Stellar M22’s suite of 90 diverse applications, you're not just upping your game, you're changing it. So, if you’re dreaming about a packed waiting room and being the clinic on everyone’s lips, the M22’s your kind of laser. 

2019 Lumenis M22

Key Features of the 2019 Lumenis M22 Laser

The 2019 Lumenis M22 Laser stands as a testament to the seamless integration of technology and user-centric design in the world of aesthetic treatments. Here's a glance at its standout features:

IPL Genius: The M22's Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology is no ordinary light treatment. It's a master at tackling varied skin concerns with a spectrum of light that zeroes in on specific issues. Whether it’s reducing the visibility of sun spots or managing vascular lesions, the precision filters in the M22 IPL mode ensure targeted, effective treatment, making each pulse count!

  • ResurFX™ - The Non-Ablative Wonder: Beyond IPL, the M22 steps up its game with Lumenis' innovative ResurFX™ technology. This is where science meets beauty - by using a fractional non-ablative laser, ResurFX™ promotes collagen regeneration deep within the skin, without harming the surface. That means real results in skin texture and overall radiance, and all of that without the downtime traditionally associated with resurfacing treatments. Clients can enjoy rejuvenated skin with less time off from their busy lives.
  • Integrated Cooling for Maximum Comfort: Here's to keeping things cool under pressure! The M22's integrated cooling system isn't just about comfort; it's about enhancing treatment efficacy. By keeping the skin's surface calm and cool, it allows for more effective energy delivery at deeper layers, ensuring treatments are both safe and comfortable.
  • User-Friendly Interface - Smart & Streamlined: Think of this as the smart, intuitive control center of the M22. The user interface simplifies treatment customization, making it easier to select and optimize settings for a variety of skin types and conditions. This smart design means practitioners can focus more on the treatment and less on navigating the system.
  • Safety as a Standard: With the M22, each pulse is delivered with an unwavering commitment to safety. The device's advanced features and safety protocols provide both practitioners and clients with peace of mind, knowing that treatments are not only effective but also adhere to the highest safety standards.
  • Expandable and Adaptable: What's brilliant about the M22 is its forward-thinking design. It's built to evolve as new advancements and treatment modalities emerge, ensuring your practice stays at the forefront of aesthetic technology. Investing in the M22 means being ready for the future of skin care treatments.

Treatments That You Can Perform with the Lumenis M22 Laser 

Here's a closer look at the diverse abilities of the 2019 Lumenis Stellar M22 IPL Laser and how it masterfully handles each treatment:

Zap Away Unwanted Hair

When tackling unwanted hair, the M22 uses intense pulsed light (IPL) to target hair follicles. The light converts to heat, zapping the follicle and discouraging regrowth. Think of it as a precise, focused heat beam telling those hairs it's time to pack up and leave.

Reversing Sun Damage

For clients showing signs of a little too much sun love, the M22 comes to the rescue. Its IPL technology can precisely target pigmented spots, breaking down the darkened skin cells. The body then naturally gets rid of them, leading to clearer, rejuvenated skin.

Correcting Skin Discoloration

Whether it's freckles, age spots, or other types of skin discoloration, the M22 uses specific wavelengths of light to break down the pigment. It's like a precision strike against uneven skin tone.

Addressing Vascular Lesions

The M22's ability to target blood vessels directly without affecting surrounding tissue makes it ideal for treating vascular lesions. It heats and destroys the problematic vessels, reducing their appearance on the skin's surface.

Removal of Acne and Its Scars

This laser reduces active acne by targeting both the overactive sebaceous glands and the acne-causing bacteria. For acne scars, the heat stimulates collagen production, promoting skin regeneration and reducing the appearance of scars.

Gentle Skin Resurfacing

For overall skin resurfacing, the M22's laser light stimulates collagen production deep within the skin. This results in firmer, smoother, and more youthful-looking skin. It’s all about boosting the skin’s natural healing process to refresh and rejuvenate.

Dry Eye Syndrome Treatment

A unique offering of the M22! It applies low-level light therapy to the eyelids, stimulating gland function and helping alleviate dry eye symptoms. It's a gentle yet effective approach to a pretty common problem.

Why the 2019 Lumenis Stellar M22 IPL is a Game-Changer for Your Clinic

In today's aesthetics market, the right equipment can significantly enhance the value and reputation of a practice. If you're running a skin care clinic and haven’t checked out the 2019 Lumenis Stellar M22 IPL yet, you're missing out. Here’s why this beast is a game-changer:

  • Broad Spectrum of Treatments: This isn’t just about zapping hairs or fading wrinkles. The M22 specializes in over 30 different skin issues. From vascular lesions and sun spots to acne scars, it's your one-stop-shop for skin rejuvenation.
  • Customizable Settings for Tailored Results: Every client’s skin is unique, right? The M22 gets this. With its customizable settings, you can dial in the perfect treatment parameters for each individual's skin type and condition. This means happier clients and results that really hit the mark.
  • Standout Safety Features: When it comes to lasers, safety is king. The M22 leads with its advanced cooling system, minimizing discomfort and protecting the skin during treatments. It’s top-tier tech that keeps your clients safe and comfortable.
  • Stellar Results That Speak Volumes: When clients see the dramatic improvements in their skin – whether it's reduced redness, clearer complexion, or smoother texture – they're going to be ecstatic. Happy clients mean glowing reviews and referrals.
  • Fast ROI: Sure, it’s an investment, but the versatility and efficiency of the M22 mean you'll see a quicker return on investment. It’s a laser that keeps your chairs filled and your revenue flowing.
  • Minimal Downtime: With the M22, treatments are quicker and less invasive, meaning clients can get back to their lives with little to no downtime. This is a huge selling point for busy folks who want great skin without the long recovery.
2019 Lumenis M22
2019 Lumenis M22
2019 Lumenis M22

Upgrade Your Clinic's Capabilities with the 2019 Lumenis M22 Laser from The Laser Agent! 

Ready to raise the bar in your clinic's aesthetic services? The Laser Agent is here to help you do just that with the 2019 Lumenis M22 Laser, available at price that won’t break the bank. It's more than just a laser – it's a promise of unparalleled skin transformation and client satisfaction.  

But why choose The Laser Agent? Because when it comes to selecting the right laser technology, experience, and trust matter. Our years of expertise in the aesthetic technology field make us more than just suppliers – we're your partners in elevating clinic operations. We understand the landscape, anticipate trends, and ensure that our offerings, like the Lumenis M22, aren't just effective, but trailblazers in their domain. 

So, ready to make some noise in the aesthetics world with results that drop jaws? Give us a call at The Laser Agent. We’re here to help you pick a winner like the Lumenis M22 and change the game in how your clinic dazzles. 

Do You Have Questions About Selling A Cosmetic Laser?


Let us answer some of your common questions about the 2019 Lumenis M22 Lasers.

Oh, we’re glad you asked! The Lumenis M22 isn't just your average laser. It's like the Swiss Army knife of lasers! We're talking a combo of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), ResurFX, and Nd:YAG tech packed into one powerful machine. This means it does it all - hair zapping, skin smoothing, sorting out those vascular and pigmented spots – without needing a bunch of different machines.

Ah, the IPL feature is super cool. Imagine it like a precision light beam, zipping through your skin and targeting just the right spots. It goes after the melanin (the stuff giving our skin and hair color), helping in fading dark spots and even helping with hair removal. The result? Skin that's smoother and looks more even – pretty neat, right?

You bet! It's pretty awesome like that. The IPL part of the M22 helps tone down the inflammation that's a pain for dry eye sufferers. So, not only does it help your skin look fab, but it's also got a soft spot for keeping those eyes more comfortable.

The M22 is a real crowd-pleaser – it's made to handle a wide range of skin types. But you know, everyone's skin is a bit unique. So, I always say it's a smart move to chat with a pro before diving into any treatment, just to be sure it's a perfect match for you.

Here's more good news – there's usually very little, if any, downtime with the M22. Most folks just jump back into their day. That said, it can depend on what specific magic you're getting done, so it's always a great idea to have a quick talk about this with your treatment provider. They'll give you the lowdown on what to expect.