2016 Cynosure Picosure


This isn’t just any laser—it’s the kind that can help you erase those old tattoos you now regret, tackle rosacea head-on, and make uneven skin tones a thing of the past. It fights off age spots, handles acne like a pro, and evens out those scars you wear as reminders of adventures. Operating with a 755nm wavelength, it can also step up its game with an optional 532nm handpiece. In essence, it’s in a league all its own.

System Includes: System Base, Power Cord, Protective Eyewear, Owner’s Manual, Professional Packing / Crating

Reference Number: TLA4854

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Why the Buzz Around the Cynosure Picosure Laser?

Looking to give your clinic a competitive edge in the world of aesthetics? Say hello to the Cynosure Picosure Laser. It's not just the first of its kind in the picosecond aesthetic lasers—it's a blend of blazing speed combined with unparalleled precision and patient-first focus. Guess what? This game-changer is available now at The Laser Agent.

The Cynosure Picosure Laser isn’t just about keeping up with the times; it’s about paving the way forward. From sending those unwanted tattoos into oblivion, and managing stubborn rosacea, to adeptly handling various skin issues, this laser knows how to juggle different tasks without breaking a sweat.

Investing in Picosure is more than just embracing the future—it's about cementing your place at the forefront of aesthetic treatments, ensuring you're recognized and remembered.

Key Features of the Cynosure Picosure Laser

When you bring the Cynosure Picosure into your toolkit, you’re not just evolving—you're trailblazing.

  • Pinnacle of Laser Tech: The edition taps into next-gen picosecond tech. With pulses timed in picoseconds (yup, that's one trillionth of a second), precision and impeccable results are the orders of the day.
2013 Cynosure Picosure
  • Power, Range, and Versatility: Sporting a power output that peaks at 0.6 Joules, it fires potent energy blasts at 755 nm, catering to a spectrum of medical needs. Want more? Optional handpieces offer more wavelengths—532 nm and 595 nm—to suit varied treatment preferences, making this machine a Swiss army knife of lasers.
  • Usability and Interface: The user-friendly dashboard makes operating it a breeze, with touchscreen controls that feel more 2023, then ensuring you’re in the moment with your patient, not wrestling with buttons.
  • Cooling = Comfort: Thanks to its in-built cooling tech, discomfort is minimized, risks are diminished, and recovery? Faster than ever.
  • Versatile Attachments: Dubbed the 'Picosure Pro', this powerhouse comes armed with a suite of handpieces and tools, enabling a spectrum of treatments—amplifying what you can offer and making sure your clinic stands out in the crowd.

Harnessing the Benefits of the Cynosure Picosure Laser

Grab the Cynosure Picosure, and you're not just stepping up your game; you're reshaping the future of your clinic.

  • Next-Level Laser Precision

Gone are the days of conventional lasers! The Cynosure Picosure Laser boasts state-of-the-art picosecond engineering. Those laser zaps? They're clocked in picoseconds, the epitome of precision, ensuring every zap is spot-on.

  • Versatility in Energy & Wavelength

Standout features? How about power output that reaches 0.6 Joules? It confidently sends out energy bursts at a 755 nm wavelength. Dive deeper, and with additional handpieces, you can explore other wavelengths like 532 nm and 595 nm. The power to adapt and tailor treatments? It's in your hands.

  • Simplicity in Navigation

Complexity isn't always the key. With Picosure's streamlined interface, procedures become more effortless. With intuitive touchscreen controls, your attention stays on the art of the treatment, letting the tech run smoothly in the background.

  • Cool Comfort for All

It's not just about results. It's about the journey. An embedded cooling mechanism ensures the Cynosure Picosure Laser offers an experience that's cool and comfortable, ensuring minimal side effects and instant bounce-back times.

  • Adaptable Tools for Every Need

The Picosure isn't just a laser; it's an ensemble. Equipped with a versatile array of handpieces and tools, it offers the flexibility to tackle diverse treatments, turning your clinic into a versatile aesthetic hub.

Treatments the Cynosure Pico Laser Can Do

Here's a quick rundown of what this beauty (or should I say beast?) of a laser machine can do:

Tattoo Regret? No sweat!

Got some ink that's not sparking joy anymore? This laser takes on even those stubborn blues and greens, breaking them down so your body can do the heavy lifting of clearing them out.

Goodbye, Unwanted Spots

We all love a bit of sun, but sometimes it leaves us with freckles or age spots we're not so fond of. No worries – the Pico Laser can help fade those memories away.

Acne Scars, Be Gone!

Those pesky reminders of teenage years or hormonal breakouts? The Pico Laser works to soften and reduce the appearance of those scars, giving a smoother skin story.

Age with Grace

Seeing some fine lines or wrinkles that weren't there before? This laser boosts your skin's natural collagen and elastin production, helping bring back some of that youthful bounce.

Refresh, Renew, Revitalize

It's more than skin deep. Beyond targeting specific issues, the Pico Laser rejuvenates and revitalizes, offering a refreshed look overall.

Tone Down the Red

Rosacea or redness causing a flush you'd rather not have? The Pico Laser helps in reducing that too, guiding you to a more even skin tone.

Less Visible Veins

Got some vascular lesions making an appearance? This laser helps in making them less noticeable.

Tackling Melasma

Those brownish-gray patches, especially after pregnancy or due to hormonal changes, can be frustrating. Good news: the Pico Laser is on it, helping even things out.

The Cynosure Pico Laser isn’t just another device; it’s a powerhouse packed into a sleek design, ready to tackle a range of skin concerns. Whether you're in the biz or just looking out for your skin, this one's worth the buzz.

2016 Cynosure Picosure Side View
2016 Cynosure Picosure - Back
2016 Cynosure Picosure Side View

Unlock Dermatological Excellence with the Cynosure Pico Laser

If skincare were an art, the Cynosure Picosure Laser would be its master brush. It's more than just the latest gadget; it's your ticket to avant-garde skin treatments. Why’s it a game-changer?

  1. Precision Meets Power: It's not just about strong pulses. It's about delivering them just right, catering to a spectrum of skin needs with finesse.
  2. Tailored Treatments: With its adaptable design and supplemental handpieces, every treatment feels custom-made, addressing individual skin narratives.
  3. The New Standard in Care: This laser is redefining patient experiences, setting the bar high with exceptional outcomes and amplified satisfaction.

But that's not all. Here's the clincher: The Laser Agent is offering this used laser machine at a head-turning 80% discount. More than just a savvy purchase, it's a strategic move, positioning your practice at the forefront of skincare evolution.

Ready to embrace the cutting edge in dermatology? Reach out at (463) 263-9263. The future of skincare, the Cynosure Picosure Laser, awaits you.

Do You Have Questions About Selling A Cosmetic Laser?


Let us answer some of your common questions about the Cynosure Picosure Lasers.

Well, think of the Picosure Laser as your versatile beauty Swiss Army knife. It's primed for tasks like zapping tattoos, evening out skin discolorations, reinvigorating the skin, smoothing out those fine lines, and even calming rosacea flare-ups.

Great question! The Picosure’s edge is its picosecond tech magic. It shoots out ultra-quick pulses, meaning it's kinder to your skin – less heat, less potential harm. The upshot? A more pleasant experience, quicker bounce-back times, and top-notch results in tattoo vanishing acts.

This laser is like your efficient multitasking colleague. Its speedy pulse rate coupled with its wide treatment repertoire means you can serve up stellar results in less time. Simply put, it's one tool, loads of solutions, and zero fuss.

Absolutely! Slide into The Laser Agent and we've got the 2016 Cynosure Picosure Laser ready for you. Need some guidance? Our seasoned crew is on standby to navigate you to the perfect fit for your clinic's needs.

Dollar-wise, this laser’s a champ. Given its adaptability, pace, and rave reviews from patients, it’s poised to be a revenue rocket for your clinic. Expanding your service range while serving up faster treatments? That's a win-win in our books.