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BTL Exilis Elite

Manufacturer: BTL
Model: Exilis Ultra

System Includes: System Base, Power Cord, Protective Eyewear, Owner’s Manual, Professional Packing / Crating

Reference Number: TLA4304


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Exilis Elite


Cellulite Reduction, Skin Tightening, Wrinkle Reduction

1994 Luxar LX-20SP

The 1994 Luxar LX-20SP laser can be a great addition to your practice if you want to perform ablative and Carbon Dioxide-powered (CO2) laser treatments for your patients. These lasers are also FDA-approved for soft tissue procedures in the veterinary, dermatology, surgical, and other medical fields. Your patients can experience effective skin resurfacing and surgical treatments as it is known to perform precise and accurate procedures. 

Equipped to perform 100 pre-programmed pulse modes, the 1994 Luxar LX-20SP can do powerful surgical and ablative skin resurfacing treatments with patients experiencing minimized pain and less downtime. 

If you want a reliable CO2 laser that can perform thorough veterinary, surgical, and dermatological procedures, then you might want to check out the 1994 Luxar LX-20SP for your MedSpa or clinic. 

What are the Advantages of Using the 1994 LX-20SP?

Powered by a CO2 laser, the 1994 Luxar LX-20SP can precisely remove tiny layers of skin or soft tissues. As a result, it can only cause minor damage to the skin or tissues surrounding the treated body part. This laser can also decrease post-surgical patient discomfort.

The 1994 Luxar LX-20SP can heal warts and scars, remove obvious birthmarks, and treat noticeable wrinkles using Carbon Dioxide skin resurfacing, in addition to assisting in surgical operations.

With correct use, you may unlock the full potential of a 1994 Luxar LX-20SP, which can be superior to traditional surgical techniques.

Below are some of the advantages of using Luxar Lasers in your medical practice:

  • Can access more areas than the scalpel
  • Shortens operative time in some procedures
  • Can sculpt soft tissues
  • Remove lesions with ease without damaging the surrounding tissue
  • Can minimize bleeding and trauma
  • Lessens the need for suturing
  • Minimize postoperative pain and discomfort
  • Can reduce skin bleeding and swelling (ecchymosis and edema)

How Can Your Practice Benefit from the 1994 Luxar LX-20SP?

Because of its CO2 laser technology, using the 1994 Luxar LX-20SP in your practice can benefit both you and your patients. These lasers can help you save time in the operating room, increase control, visibility, and precision during surgery, and broaden your surgical capabilities. All of this is made possible by the laser's ability to generate CO2 beams, which are substantially absorbed by the patient's soft tissue.

Patients, on the other hand, should expect less pain, a faster recovery period, and a lower risk of infection following treatment with the 1994 Luxar LX-20SP. It has also been discovered that laser surgical wounds cause less post-operative pain in some people.

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Our 1994 Luxar LX-20SP laser system includes the following:

  • System Base
  • Power Cord
  • Protective Eyewear
  • Owner's Manual
  • Professional Packing/Crating
  • Reference Number: TLA3755

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Let us answer some of your common questions about the 1994 Luxar LX-20SP lasers.

CO2 laser resurfacing uses targeted light beams to remove the superficial layer of your skin.

Traditional surgery with a scalpel or scissors can bruise or crush tissue. With a Luxar CO2 laser, just a concentrated beam of laser light interacts with the tissue.

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Yes, the 1994 Luxar LX-20SP is FDA-approved for soft tissue procedures in the veterinary, dermatology, surgical, and other medical fields as well.

The use of Luxar Lasers in a medical practice offers a number of benefits, including the ability to access more areas than with a scalpel, shorter operative times for some procedures, the ability to sculpt soft tissues, and the ease with which lesions can be removed without damaging the surrounding tissues, and more. 

Luxar Lasers also offer the benefit of minimizing bleeding, trauma, and the need for suturing, reducing postoperative pain, skin bleeding, swelling, or ecchymosis and edema. These advantages make Luxar Lasers an ideal choice for medical practices or medispa businesses that wish to provide their clients with safe and comfortable treatments with minimal recovery time.

The 1994 Luxar LX-20SP is a great choice for any medical practitioner looking for a reliable CO2 laser to perform thorough veterinary, surgical, and dermatological procedures. It is a reliable option for any MedSpa or clinic.