For many people, pets are more than just companions; they’re our children, our best friends, and our confidants. The unique bond that we share with our pups and cats makes watching them suffer simply unbearable. Fortunately, we don’t have to! Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBMT), known simply as veterinary laser therapy, is a treatment proven to help animals dealing with surgical incisions, wounds, lick granulomas, osteoarthritis, and tail pull injuries. Let’s answer some of the frequently asked questions regarding this laser technology.

How long does the treatment take?

Just like treating a human being, the protocols for veterinary laser therapy vary from patient to patient and condition to condition. This means that time, complexity, and costs can also change depending on what is wrong and just how severe the problem is; some patients only need a few visits, while others dealing with chronic pain may take longer and be more extensive.

How does it work?

Cold therapy lasers send photons, or packets of light energy, deep into tissues without damaging them. The mitochondria of the cells then absorb these photons which induces a chemical change called photobiomodulation; this causes ATP — which cells use for repair and rejuvenation — to be produced. As a result, increased ATP production leads to healthier cells, healthier tissue, and healthier animals.

What’s involved with treating my pet?

The entire process is quite simple and non-invasive. A handpiece is used to deliver the laser light to the affected areas; your pet will feel a gentle and soothing warmth, and many relax as if they were receiving a good massage. Since this gentle warmth is accompanied by an immediate relief of pain, your pet will feel quite comfortable and free from anxiety. In short, both parent and pet will feel better during and after their appointments.

Laser therapy has been around for several decades, from cosmetic lasers and aesthetic lasers to ophthalmic lasers. Although it is only recently that we realized veterinary laser equipment could be used to treat pain, science has proven unequivocally that the benefits are numerous. If your vet clinic is interested in obtaining veterinary laser equipment to further treat its furry patients, contact The Laser Agent at 317.570.0448 today!